Recommended Items Of Runescape Stringing Longbows

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In Runescape, Stringing bows is quicker xp and gp than cutting logs but requires more attention of the user. A player can string around 2,200 bows every hour. Players can string a longbow by using a longbow(u) with a bow string, which have a steady price of 100 gp each.

Only Maple longbow(u) and above should be strung as stringing any lower level longbows is a loss and a waste of time. Like cutting logs, maple longbows are the best bow to string because they have the highest profit margin of nearly 90 gp followed by yew at 80 gp and magic at 50 gp. Because stringing yew longbows and maple longbows are so close in profit, however, it may be preferable to string yews for the higher xp rates at the sacrifice of small profit.
Stringing maple longbows can be around 200k gp/hr, yew longbows can be around 175k gp/hr, and magic longbows can be around 110k gp/hr.

Runescape GuideStringing Longbows

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