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Recommended Items Of Runescape Stringing Longbows

11. Mai 2015 rsgoldstore Allgemein

In Runescape, Stringing bows is quicker xp and gp than cutting logs but requires more attention of the user. A player can string around 2,200 bows every hour. Players can string a longbow by using a longbow(u) with a bow string, which have a steady price of 100 gp each. Only Maple longbow(u) and above [...]


Runescape GuideStringing Longbows

How To Get Runescape Gold In Cutting Longbows

11. Mai 2015 rsgoldstore Runescape Guide

In Runescape, a knife can be used on logs to cut them into longbows(u) with respect to their type which sell for a higher price on the Grand Exchange and to general stores than the logs themselves. A player can cut up to 1,500 logs every hour while paying little attention to the game. For [...]


Cutting LongbowsRunescape Guide

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